How-to „Update to SCVMM 2016 RTM”

Since SCVMM 2012 is GA I had to update my environment, which was still running on TP5, to RTM.

First step to do, this is to deinstall SCVMM 2016 TP5 with the “retain database” option. This option makes sure that the existing SCVMM database still exists after the deinstallation.

After the deinstallation finished I also restarted the server. As you know, a restart is always the best option 😉

Next step is to install the SCVMM 2016 RTM Management Server. When the wizard comes to the database configuration select the “existing database” option. As you can see, the database is already called RTM. I simply renamed the database in the SQL Server Management Studio which worked perfectly.

Yep, we want to update the database 😉

Before the upgrade is performed, some advices are displayed:

  • Some data in the VMM database (for example, Run As account credentials and passwords in guest operating system profiles) is encrypted using the Windows Data Protection API (DPAPI). To retain this encrypted data, the VMM management server must be installed on the same computer where VMM was previously installed. Also, you must use the same service account for the System Center Virtual Machine Manager service that you used in your previous installation of VMM. If you install VMM on a different computer or use a different service account, this encrypted data will not be retained. For more information, see Retaining Encrypted Data in VMM (
  • VMM does not support a library server on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003. If your library server is running Windows Server 2003 and you continue with the upgrade, you will not be able to use the library server in VMM. You will only be able to remove the library server from VMM. If you want to use the library server in VMM, click Cancel to exit the upgrade and then move the library server to a computer that is running a supported operating system. For information about library servers and upgrading to System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager, see Upgrading to System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager (
  • After VMM for System Center 2016 is installed, you need to perform additional tasks in order to complete the upgrade to VMM in System Center 2016. For more information about these tasks, see ‘Upgrading to System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager’ (

As the advices show, after the update no Library Servers running Server 2003 are supported anymore and the following steps have to be done:

  1. Reenter every Run-As-Account Credentials
  2. Recreate a possible existing SCOM Pro-Tip connection

If you are sure you want to upgrade, start:

After the upgrade completed successfully open the console and perform the advices.

And that’s it 😉

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