Connecting SCOM 2016 to OMS – Part II

First of all: Happy new year to all of you 🙂

Last year I connected my on-prem SCOM environment to my OMS workspace to get all the benefits of this constellation.

Now it’s time to use this connection to get a deeper insight of my SCOM installation with the SCOM Assessment solution in OMS. Like all solutions it’s installed from the solution catalogue. But this solution need a bit of additional configuration:

So let’s do these five steps to bring this solution to work:

Before the 5 steps can be done, I had to create a new SCOM Run-As-Account, which will be used for the assessment. In my case I used the SCOM service account, which already had all required permissions.

Now start with the execution of the script:

First step is to select option one and hitting enter:

Than the name of the new created Run-As-Account have to be entered:

Next step is option 2. This will enable the SCOM Assessment solution:

And the last step is to configure the frequency of the assessment. There is no need to change this value, because the default value of 1 day is already the fastest frequency. In production environments you should choose a higher value to reduce the system load.

Back in the OMS Portal the data of the assessment is now available:

Currently the only problem is, that if I want to see my recommendations I only see this:

… maybe it’s because of the “preview”.

So let’s start a great OMS year 2017… 😉

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