Back in Bla..Business! #RELOADEDin2023

After over one FIVE years of not-blogging, I finally finished my bachelors degree bachelors & masters degree, worked hard, lost the MFA token for my blog, hat COVID multiple times and started working less in technology and more in management and finally decided to start blogging again.

I don’t know how long it will take for the first post, but I can say that it will cover some nice idears covering SCOM and ElasticStack stuff … 😉 Back in 2018 this was a small project I was working on. Basically it was a automated sync, powered by Powershell and Azure Automation, to sync SCOM Alerts, and other metrics, from SCOM to an ELK-Stack and analyse it. From everything I remember, it was a nice solution, but now in 2023 nobody cares about SCOM anymore.

Since mid 2018 I was exclusively working as an IT Architect, so my technical focus was stopped there. In 2019 the last technical focus I had was changed from Azure to AWS. And now? Basically I worked as Lead Architect and Product Owner with less technical focus and more management and strategy focus every day.

This brings us to today. I decided to restart blogging a bit, but with a new focus, away from AWS and Microsoft technology, more on a strategic level, governance and compliance level.

Hope to see you soon. Greeting!

P.S.: Due to the fact that I’m since years now working for german market focused companies, I decided to switch to german for new posts. I will keep an english translation in place, but focus will be on german.

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