PowerShell on Linux

Hi Guys,

Finally, it has become true! PowerShell on Linux and IT IS OPEN SOURCE BABY!!!!!!! <- sorry for that.

I’am a bit sorry. I started to write this blog post last week but I had so less time, so the post a bit later 😉

First of all, PowerShell for Linux, and also Mac OSX ;-), is open source and hosted on GitHub:


Here you can find the official documentation:


And last, but not least: Here you can find the files ford download. Because I’am a Mac User (Please don’t try to burn me in hell because I like Apples ;-)) I downloaded that OSX package.


You can install the package on a OSX just simply with a clicking on it, but since I’am a console-guy I used the terminal:

After installing… LETS GO 😉

There are 345 cmdlets currently out-of-the box available:

So I hope you find PowerShell on Linux (and as well on BSD based OSX) systems as interesting as I do.



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